Importance of oral health for overall health

Do you realize ever that oral health is crucial for your overall health? This blog will express the importance of oral health for general health. As we know that every part of our body is interconnected, when any part of the body gets affected, it automatically creates problems for other parts. Similarly, oral health affects your general health in many ways. As verified by a dentist in Arabian Ranches, your mouth produces many types of bacteria, and some of them are harmful to other parts of the body.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of oral health for your general health and how you can protect yourself by taking care of your oral health.

How oral health affects overall health?

Here are some diseases that are affected by oral health.


Your mouth produces thousands of harmless bacteria and germs that travel through your mouth to other parts of the body. These bacteria infect the inner lining of the heart or sensitive valves that may cause endocarditis. When you left it untreated, it may lead to serious heart damages.

Pregnancy complications:

Poor oral health cause many oral diseases, such as cavities, gingivitis, sensitivity, and periodontitis. Periodontitis makes the pregnancy process complicated, and in the end, you have to face premature birth or low weight of the baby.


Poor oral health may cause oral infection and inflammations, which can lead to cardiovascular disease. However, the connection is not understood yet, but researchers say that heart diseases like clogged arteries, heart attack, and stroke are connected with oral health.


Many bacteria travel from the mouth to your lungs and infect it, which cause some respiratory diseases and pneumonia.


Many patients with HIV/AIDS have oral health problems such as gingivitis, painful mucosal lesions, and periodontitis.


Gum diseases are common in people with Diabetes. People who are facing gum diseases continuously, you should consult with doctors for diabetes examination, as it is common in diabetic patients. With gum disease, it is hard to control sugar level, but proper taking care of oral health may help you control sugar level.

How can you improve your oral health?

  • Flossing with warm water twice a day.
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day.
  • Regular visiting your dentist.
  • Use mouthwash, as it helps to remove food particles.
  • Replace your toothbrush after three months.

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