Dentistry and its pros

Dentistry is one of them most enjoyed professions of the medical industry as it was also regarded as the best jobs of 2013. But is it all sugar coated or is this profession really as rewarding as this sounds? Here are the pros and cons of being the best dentist in Dubai and then you can yourself decide what this all is really about?

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Good Pay

Let’s get over with this first and most obvious one, all doctors earn a good amount of stable income which could turn into a good fortune all depending on the efforts they are willing to put in.

But we cannot ignore the fact that this a very challenging field with a lot of responsibility on hands and even a single wrong diagnosis can cost several lives.


Best orthodontists in Dubai are highly respected for their work and efforts that they have put in. They are also in charge of themselves as no one is there to dictate their next step, in fact, they make decisions on their own, and as tempting as this sounds, this is as dangerous as well. So, do not try this at home!

Establishing good relations

The profession of dentist is all about providing for people, helping them and taking care of all their needs and requirements. If you are a person who loves establishing good relations with other people, then this field is best for you, as you can serve those in need and feel light hearted by serving humanity.


Change is a constant part of this job. You will see and learn new things about this profession and deal with new situations every day. If you love change and exploring new things, then this job is for you as you never know what the next day holds for you. It is sometimes exciting and other times frustrating. You will meet all types of patients from all kinds of backgrounds with different problems and it will be fun, unlike the usual 9-5 desk job where all you do is shuffle papers around and type like a machine.

Flexible Hours

This one advantage is especially for the dentists as there are extremely rare cases of emergencies and this is why you can have a sitting of your own preferences. It gives you space for a good lifestyle to enjoy your life.


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