Facts About Mac

Apple has started a long way becoming of what it has become now. It started with personal computers by Macintosh simple personal computers which had the most basic antivirus software. You will find one of the best Mac Apple products, the most famous are the apple watches, apple appliances, apple for industrial equipment and even the best antivirus Mac. If you are about to get a Mac product for the first time then we suggest that you read more about Mac in the shape of facts because facts are good to know.

  1. Apple was founded on the basis of April Fool’s Day and the year was 1976 and the people were Steven Gary Wozniak, Steven Paul Jobs, and Ronald Gerald Wayne but they started the actual Apple company but it was without Wayne and it started in January 3rd, 1977. Wayne did start but he sold his shares for $800 back then.
  2. You will be surprised to know that to start the company, Jobs and Wozniak did not have money, and Jobs sold his Volkswagen and Steve sold his Hewlett Packard scientific calculator in $500.
  3. Steve Wozniak involved investor and entrepreneur in 1942 and did a lot of work for Apple. He did gave a lot of funding support and a lot of managerial support as well and he acted as a chairman for the company from 1985 to 1997. He also wrote different software programs for Apple II and it was distributed for free under Johnny Appleseed.
  4. Before Apple, Apple was called Apple Computer Inc and, in January 9, 2007, the company removed the word ‘computer’ and it made a lot of difference.
  5. This is a funny fact now and some extremist religious may find this offensive, Jobs set the price of 4k Apple 1 to $666.66 and a community named as Fundamentalist Christians raised a lot of issue that the 666 number is connected to Satan and the company did take this matter into consideration.
  6. To the students reading this, you know must know that attending college is important – Jobs was a college dropout. He was a dropout of Reed College in 1972 and he attended only one semester.
  7. Just like the iPhones of today that don’t have a charger, when Apple’s first PC was introduce, it did not have a keyboard, nor a mouse or a monitor.