Things about diabetes no one tells you about

Almost every other person is affected by diabetes in the family circle which makes us believe that we know everything about diabetes. From having the right prescribed pills to arranging a vegan diet plan in Dubai they think we are gurus in this field. This is not true because we often have incorrect understanding of the disease and how to cure it. Here are a few things which you might be oblivious to:

  • Sweet tooth is not the only cause of diabetes

If you think that you are suffering from diabetes because you have a sweet tooth and have too much of sugary snacks then you could be wrong because diabetes are risked due to many different interrelated factors and a healthy body is not this easily affected by sugar. Apart from sugar, refined carbohydrates and saturated fats as well as trans fat also plays a major role in attracting diabetes. Family history is also important and this is when eating sugar only will also prove to be harmful.

  • Diabetes never go away

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes then you will have to live with it all your life. Some people think that the medication prescribed by the doctor will help them get away with it when in reality the medication is only to keep it in control. Even though you can control the level of diabetes through a proper diabetes diet plan and meal management but it cannot be completely cured especially when there are immediate relatives with history of it. You can still lead a normal life through sugar substitutes and modification in the regular meal.

  • Anyone can be the prey to diabetes

If you think that you are not overweight and don’t have any sort of unhealthy diet issues then you are immune to diabetes then you could be wrong because anyone can be a prey to diabetes of any age and any lifestyle. In fact, through a research it has been proven that most people who suffer from diabetes is from the working age group with children involved. Even if the ratio is low, it is still present. So be careful and always keep your diet in check.

This is just one of the many other things which you think is true but aren’t. If you feel like you have any symptoms, get it checked.


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