Types of Window Tinting

Safety is everything and that is why people would go to extreme measures to protect themselves and their loved ones. This can be a surprise to you that in UAE, people don’t feel safe in their own homes and they take strict measures to make sure that they are safe even though UAE is said to be among the safest countries. Privacy is very important and to maintain your privacy at home, you need to cover your windows. It is shown that most of the robberies that happen, thieves get the advantage of peaking from the windows.

That is why window tinting in Dubai is very common and very cheap to buy. Windows tinting started from cars to prevent sunlight from damaging the skin and it looked cool as well. But now there are different types of window tinting and this industry is said to hit up to 4 billion dollars by 2030.

Who Should Buy Window Tints?

If you are a new home owner or you have moved to a new place then getting windows tinted is a good and safe idea. Click to read more about types of windows tint.

  1. Decorative Tinting: these are the most cheapest and the nice looking window tints and they are also called dyed window tints. But they don’t block sun rays since they are just for decorative purpose and it is good for privacy as well. These window tints look opaque and dull from the outside. It reflects image from the outside and shows the world from the inside of the window. These come in various designs, patterns and colors.
  2. Metalized Window Tints: these are the most durable type of window tints as obvious from the name. These are made up of tiny and small metal particles. Like we said that UAE is the among the hottest countries, the benefit of using these metalized window tints is that they will reflect the heat and keep your house cooler and not only this, it strengthens your windows as well.
  3. Carbon Film Tints: these are the kind of tints that are specially designed to reflect UV rays and these rays are very harmful for your skin. They keep the house cool in summers and warm in winters and they are very economical as well.


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