Basic Concepts and Interiors of Restaurant Interior Design

Designing a restaurant is not an easy task. You need to take care of all the elements and how you place each table and design the structure. Only an expert in restaurant interior design Dubai can help you to come up with a magnificent place which accommodates a large number of people letting your business flow with ease.

The first area which you need to take under consideration and is the heart of the whole restaurant is your kitchen. Leave at least 40% of entire space solely dedicated to the kitchen because if the kitchen is packed and the cooks are not comfortable, it is going to affect the taste and presentation of food – the only thing your customers are here for.

If you have a complete open space option then you must consider restrooms near your kitchen. This can help you in saving from getting into a lot of trouble laying out large plumbing lines as the work will be done in a single go with the kitchen plumbings. You can add a staff only restroom to help keep your staff organized and comfortable as well.

Now comes the entry and waiting area. This is a place which must be a delight to wait in. No one likes staring at the boring walls as they cramp for a seat which goes completely opposite to the idea of waiting room. This place needs to be beautiful and sparkly as well as entertaining such as a TV which would keep people entertained.

The main area which is the dining room, now comes into the picture. No one likes sitting too close to other table neither they like other diners hearing their ramblings. The floor spacing needs to be laid out efficiently to make space for walking. You can add a mixture of booths and two by two tables which will accommodate all sorts of customers. Giving out choices for baby seats will also be very pleasing customer service and might land you a 5 star rating. 

Make sure that you ask your customers to fill out the feedback forms which will tell you a lot about your services and the improvements that you must make. Take that as a constructive criticism leading your place to the paths of success.

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